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We love steam bending! If you have a special event, contact us directly for dates and prices.

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Steam Bending is a type of woodworking. It involves heating up wood in a box full of steam until the lignin (natural glue) inside the wood is malleable, you can then bend and clamp it into fantastic shapes.


It is a very ecological way to bend wood as it is so low energy and it’s lots of fun. Everything around you becomes a mould or jig for you to bend your wood around!

Originally for traditional objects such as boat making and barrel making, today it is seen in furniture and architecture alike.



Our course is for All levels of woodworking from beginners to advanced benders. We can tailor the course content to the areas you’re most interested in such as joinery, sculpture or furniture.

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You can participate in ‘free form bending’ which is all about making beautiful shapes in the moment without any intended goal. It can be a very playful and freeing experience to feel the wood and follow the way it wants to bend. This often lends itself well to abstract sculptural and decorative pieces. It helps you to understand the basics of bending and learn the breaking points of your wood.


Or you can try ‘planned bending’ where you sketch an idea on the day of a project you’d like to make and we try to make it together! This lends itself well to functional products designed for a specific use or space in your home. This means you experiment bending less, but it allows you to leave the course with a finished functional object to show off to your loved ones.

Incense Holder

Incense Holder



There are many types of bending techniques, we teach 4 main types: twist, compression strap, spiral and hand formed.

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Whatever the occasion…a bit of nature and steam bending is the answer!

You will take home:

  • The pieces that you make during the day

  • A little intro to trees and wood for steam bending

  • The 4 key types of bending methods

  • The knowledge of how to set up your own steam box at home so you can start bending by yourself should you want to.

  • A calming feeling from being in nature and a lung full of fresh air

AND because…All materials + Lunch are included (with Vegetarian options) + refreshments. Those with unique dietary requirements are advised to bring a packed lunch or email us 48hrs ahead of time.

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So book a 1 day course today for yourself, colleagues or loved ones and enjoy bringing your creative side to life. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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