Nafisi Studio is run by husband and wife, Abdollah and Kate Nafisi, a local bespoke furniture and interior design studio making traditional joinery tied with modern luxury. The British & Persian duo live on their farm and workshop together in Horsham. Bespoke furniture to them is living sculpture.



Abdollah Nafisi is a passionate craftsman and designer. His 10 years as a woodworker have led him to making both luxury items for the home as well as sculpture for the outdoors. Originally from Iran where he ran his own woodworking workshop for four years, he moved to the UK in 2011. In 2013 he set up his workshop in Horsham to produce bespoke, commissioned pieces.


Kate Nafisi

Kate has been a interaction designer and design curator in tech for 10 years.  She started out in interactive art, which led to tangible touch screen interaction and finally to UI/UX for products. Her passion for human interaction and early attraction to participatory art, makes furniture design a natural extension of her skill set. For more visit pincott.design.



From Persian Rugs, travel in the Iranian desert and Islamic art, to Japanese joinery, design and craft to biology and nature herself, we find inspiration in a multitude of places.


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