Forest Garden

Steam-bent outdoors wooden sculpture in Ash, Oak and Nigeria Satin.

Open for purchase - PRICE: £80,000 (1m x 1m model size)

To be donated to the Green Cuisine Trust for the 2020 Chelsea Flower Show Garden Fund.


This sculpture represents a Forest Garden: an edible garden mimicking a naturally occurring forest; layered plants from trees to shrubs to perennials who rely on each other to create a balanced ecosystem. 

( To purchase the full size commission 4m x 4m - please get in touch)


How might a forest garden invite us to live differently?

As we seek to reconnect with nature to enhance our well-being, Forest Gardens offer an opportunity for people to experience becoming an integrated part of living ecosystems, as opposed to observing ecosystems as an outside visitor; as ‘Other’ and separate.


Benefits of a Forest Garden

  • Inclusive activity delivering community cohesion – mixing of population demographics, intergenerational and socio-economic and ability whilst foraging, preparing and eating together.

  • Health and exercise – improved mental wellbeing and physical mobility, improving strength and coordination at individual’s pace whilst looking after the garden.

  • Free healthy nutritious food - edible plants that a nutritionally dense.
  • Climate resilient ecosystems - providing supplemental food during harsh weather conditions caused by global warming and increased food demand from climate migration.


Problems with the planet can feel overwhelming, but a forest garden offers a ‘systems’ solution/critique to almost all of the issues generated by the way we grow our food and more generally how we inhabit the world. The forest garden solution is not just sustainable but regenerative.


This Sculpture is on tour

This is scaled down 1m x 1m model. Please contact us if you'd like to exhibit it in a gallery near you.


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