The Forest Garden

This sculpture has been donated to The 2020 Chelsea Flower Show Garden Group by Nafisi Studio. The person who purchases this piece will be directly helping the Greencuisine Trust movement to realise The Forest Garden Project at the 2020 Royal Chelsea Flower Show. 



1m x 1m model - represents a Forest Garden and seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of Forest Gardening. To purchase the full size 4m x 4m or the model please get in touch.

2020 Chelsea Forest Garden Group

The Royal Chelsea Flower Show 2020 

How can we offer another vision of using gardens and open spaces that provide intergenerational access to local food that nourishes us as well as supporting more climate resilient ecosystems?


Garden concept - an edible ecosystem on our doorsteps

The practice of Forest Gardening changes the mindset of a food consumer to one of food citizen, someone actively engaged in or supporting the local growing and preserving of nourishing, minimally-packaged food. Forest Gardens are a meaningful step towards creating food resilience in the face of climate change. Anyone with a patch of land can grow a diverse, high yield, nutrient dense Forest Garden.


‘Food production and its quality will become as significant as sea level rise and this enterprising project will open eyes to the potential of forest gardens that I hope leaders of many institutions, including higher education, will note.’ 

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor, Buckingham University.


‘Community forest gardens, backed by knowledge of how to store and get the most nutrition from their produce, offer a significant contribution to the fight against obesity and the pressure on food banks and I wish this enterprising project all the success it deserves.’

Peter Kindersley, Founder of the Sheepdrove Trust.



The Bespoke Commission

Commissioning a bespoke Nafisi art piece offers you direct access to Abdollah & Kate, their dedicated attention and artistic creativity to capture the essence of the space. Kate & Abdollah personally supports each client through the journey, helping them to shape their vision and using their experience to ask the most important questions about the artwork, creating a dynamic process and fully engaging with each client.