Our Process

This is how we work to ensure you have the highest quality finished results.


1) Understand

First we like to get to know you by understanding your likes and dislikes. We create you a moodboard and get you to vote on the parts that match your style the best. We agree on a rough design and price it accordingly. We charge 30% upfront to secure the booking.

2) Ideation & Sketching

Here we try to capture the main idea in a pencil drawing to make sure we are heading in the right direction. This is by no means the final design, but a way to capture the essence of the piece.


3) Material preparation

Next we draw up a specification of the piece in order to measure time, materials and effort and to set a more detailed quote. Material preparation will generally be planing of the wood to the right thickness and cutting it down from much larger timbers to more manageable sizes. But it will vary depending on the wood used and the design.

4) Build

Before we start to build we take 40% of the payment. Here we start the basic frame with hand joinery. The magic is that we create the rest of the design as we go and see where the inspiration takes us. We document each stage of the build to give you a process video at the end of your bespoke piece coming to life.

Nafisi Studio computer sketch of kitchen side dresser

5) Refinement

Here the small details and finishing touches of the piece to assume their full character. The piece will be sanded multiple times and often have some form of treatment to ensure the long life and quality of the piece. At this stage we charge the remaining 30% before delivering to the site.

6) Installation

The final phase is to place the piece on-site often with the help of transportation or lifters where it will have a photoshoot in situ and then rest for 48hrs for the wood to adapt to the new temperature. Any minor adjustments may then be made as well as a final polish or oil.


Got an idea in mind already?