Our Values

A value to us, is a personal behaviour done regardless of outcome and regardless of what others think.



The craft industry would not be where it is today without the hard work of the pioneers who came before us. We stand on their shoulders and seek to safeguard old techniques in order to learn from them and  continue passing them on.


Every piece is designed to last for a long time and doesn’t leave our workshop unless we have pure admiration for it. Quality is about having the best materials, not cutting corners, making something beautiful on the inside not just the outside and being proud of the final ensemble from every angle. When something is good quality a person can instantly connect to and feel sympathy for what beauty means in the mind of the artist.


An essential attitude to make sure our work provides delight and surprise to the people who live and interact with them. If we have fun making a piece we believe this will come through in the design. Furniture is a living member of it’s space, a family home or work place, the energy it carries should add playfulness to the environment.


Without risk we can’t make anything new. Without risk we can’t learn. Taking risks in our design is a catalyst for creativity and part of the excitement that drives us to keep working.


Having trust in fellow local businesses for our workshop tools and wood, gives us confidence in the ethical and sustainable roots of the products we make. We seek to increase our knowledge of provenance where we can, such as where the trees have been grown and the people who felled them. We know all the makers of the British tools we use. See Our Affiliates.


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